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I appear to have the children cowed. A little, at least.

Another thing to note is that I am not a morning person. Not by any stretch. In fact, the morning after my brother's 21st birthday, my cousin's boyfriend tried to joke about my 'hangover.' As I and others told him, though, it wasn't a hangover, I'm like that every morning. When my youngest child was, well, younger, she would point blank refuse to wake me if I was napping. My ex thought it was hilarious. He would tell her to go wake me, and she would shake her head and refuse. Anyone would think I was a little grumpy on being woken. Anyone would be right!

So fast-forward to today. We have my nephew over for the fortnight (save me!) and I've already instructed him about how floors are for feet, and things that are left on the floor (like TV remotes) get stood on and broken, and confiscated the remote for the children's TV for leaving it on when they were off playing (two of my pet peeves about the TV remote.) Well, Mum and Dad had to go out this morning for a doctor's appointment, and I had to get up early (like, 9am early!) to look after my nephew. Dad went to call me, and as soon as my nephew heard he was off like a light babbling about TVs being on and remotes.

I'm so pleased with myself :D


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